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SteamGifts Group Management Tool (SGMT)

Group Management

UserCheckRules - Check if a user (not necessetily belonging to your group) complies to general rules (wins, level, etc.).

CheckMonthly - Returns a list of all users who didn't create a giveaway in a given month.

CheckAllGiveawaysAccordingToRules - Returns a list of games created not according to given rules.

UserCheckFirstGiveaway - Check if users comply with first giveaway rules (according to defined rules).

GroupUsersSummary - For a given group, return summary of all giveaways created, entered and won by members.

UserFullGiveawaysHistory - For a single user, show a detailed list of all giveaways he either created or participated in (Game link, value, score, winners, etc.).

PopularGiveaways - Get most popular giveaways in a group in a given month.

CheckGameGiveaways - Number of group entries every time a game was given away in the group.

Tool Management

GetAvailableGroups - List all SteamGifts groups available in the tool at the moment.

AddNewGroup - Add new SteamGifts group to be processed at the next available opportunity (tipically within 24 hours).

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